Here’s what some of our customers have said about us.  All jobs, when completed, are surveyed by an independent quality survey company.

Robert M.  1/6/2017 ” They did a great job, especially Will, the lead tech. We’re back 100%”

Diane M. 1/19/2017  “Everyone was very helpful and respectful. I was relieved to find out that the damage to my house was less than expected.”

Ruth W. 1/24/2017 “They sent Will out and I was very upset and he just came out and started working like he was superman. He made me feel better and he looked like an expert. As each day went                                       on he worked effortlessly. He never took a breather, everything he did was perfect. He made me feel better. Answered my questions very thoroughly, and I had lots of them.”

Kathy E. 2/23/2017 “They were very responsive to our needs. We had also signed with them to get help to rebuild and the mitigation went a lot longer than the rebuild, but we’re happy with what                                          they’ve helped us with thus far.”

Ken S. 2/24/2017  “The lead contractor was very accommodating and went out of his way. He was personable and made himself known. Showed he cared.”

Kimberly A.  3/1/2017 “From the second I called Paul David the team was very professional, they had great communication and that was not my experience with another company we had used                                                    prior. We were very highly satisfied with the work that they did.”

Renee M. 3/8/2017 “Bruce Berman was exceptional with quality and service. His communication was outstanding. He instilled total trust through the entire process. THANK YOU BRUCE !!

Adrienne G. 3/23/2017 “They were very neat and clean, and timely with communicating with me and very professional”

William M. 3/28/2017  “I really like the professionalism and the prompt attention that we received.”

Sandra S.  5/1/17  “They were very prompt, took care of me, let me know what was going on, answered all the questions I had.”

Alain O.  5/9/17  “A visit by the President of the company at the onset of the project was impressive, as it indicated a hands-on, personal interest in serving the customer. His followup made a good                                  impression, as well.”

Michelle P 5/10/17 “We were happy that they came out early. The people who came out for the drying process were wonderful.”

James H.  6/26/17  “They have been very customer oriented and good at communicating.”

Avery G. 7/8/17  “They were very nice and helpful.”

Darrel B.  7/24/17  “Bruce Berman (contractor) maintained excellent communication throughout a (somewhat) complicated repair due to the house being in a historic district that also required                                            asbestos and lead based paint removal/mitigation. He was transparent about all matters, and even accepted numerous calls/emails from my tenant in an effort to keep her                                              informed. I would recommend Paul Davis Restoration to anyone. Very pleased. Thanks Bruce!”

Susan P. 7/25/17  “They were on time, very professional, worked very hard and I was very satisfied with the work they did.”